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Not too old-timey Americana. Salty mellow honkey tonk.

Influences: Fresh snow, yaks, jokes, skiing fast, tall trees, wind.

Great Salt Licks Core: Jon Neufeld, Jesse Withers, Eben Dickinson, Jesse Bates

Great Salt Licks Bench: Paul Brainard, Scott Law, Tony Furtado, Sammy Lind, Will Amend, Michael Blake, Lewi Longmire

"A hymn to and a cry for the American West"

- Brian Doyle, author of Mink River


Garett Brennan and his four brothers grew up surrounded by the refuge of the snowy Wasatch Rockies. He learned at an early age that there were two places in the world where the oddities of Salt Lake’s culture could never penetrate: the deep wild powder in the canyons overlooking the promised land—where the offspring of miners, whores and fiddlers proudly celebrated and protected the serenity of flying down a mountain with wooden planks strapped to their feet—and the late night family parties with guitars and banjos and Irish harmonies rocking the neighborhood to sleep.

Brennan was drawn to music and performance at a young age. His tunes conjure up the fresh snow of mountains, the clear water of his adopted home in the Pacific Northwest, and the intimacy and jubilance of jamming with some of the top players in the Americana-Roots scene. Producer Cookie Marenco (Blue Coast Records, Windham Hill Records) describes him as “Woody Guthrie meets Tom Waits,” an apt comparison informed by Brennan’s penchant for crafting original poetic songs that sound like they've been around since dust, yet are instantly familiar and of this time.